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The online loans sector does not seem to be experiencing a crisis: as early as the end of 2014, Italian households approach to personal loans began to change, focusing increasingly on companies that operate mainly online rather than credit institutions. traditional.

The reasons for this success are many, first of all the speed of the response to the user, who in most cases receives a personalized quote very quickly and comfortably in their mailbox. Moreover, obtaining an online loan is generally easier and faster than through traditional channels, even if the usual checks on the financial situation of the applicant are carried out to try to minimize the risk of insolvency.

What do you usually ask for an online loan? There are many reasons for this, but it has been seen that Italian families tend to apply for a telematic loan to cope with the need to renovate the house or to buy or renovate furniture, to buy a new car, to consolidate debts. already existing or due to the need for liquidity.

How to apply for an online loan

Requesting an online loan does not involve a complicated procedure. To get a tailor-made estimate first and then apply for a loan, simply connect to the websites of the main financial institutions and submit your request.

Once you have decided to apply for a loan online, it is very often possible to follow the progress of your practice through your PC. If the loan application is accepted, the applicant will simply have to send his / her documents by mail, usually a document of identity, the tax code and a document attesting his income, then paycheck, pension slip or CUD.

Choice of online loan, what to evaluate

To assess whether an online loan is convenient and suitable for your needs, there are some parameters to be taken into consideration, which are more or less the same that should also be taken into account for traditional loans.

First, it is almost useless to say, the amount disbursed, the duration of the loan, and therefore the number of monthly installments required to repay the sum disbursed, and the amount of the installments, which must be sustainable based on your income.

Other elements that play an important role in choosing the most suitable online loan are the Tan, or the Nominal Annual Rate, which indicates the annual interest applied to a loan, and the Taeg.

The latter instead indicates the Global Effective Annual Rate, or the total cost of the loan, including both the ancillary costs and the costs of the preliminary investigation. However, we must not neglect to inquire about any additional expenses that are not included in the calculation of the Taeg, such as notary fees, taxes or state stamps.
Finally, it is good to read well all the clauses concerning possible additional insurance to be stipulated for greater protection of the lender, the possibility of early repayment of the loan and the need to ensure the presence of a guarantor that responds in case of insolvency of the applicant.

Errors not to be made when requesting an online loan

Although the procedure for applying for an online loan is generally faster than that required for a traditional loan, this does not mean that it is easier to obtain it.
In addition to the characteristics of the applicant, which are in any case carefully examined, there are some errors in the request for the loan that may jeopardize the success of the operation and therefore the granting of the loan.

The first mistake not to make when requesting an online loan, although perhaps it is superfluous to say, is to no longer require loans at the same time different financial: often these are connected to the same databases and will immediately realize that more requests have been forwarded and several institutions in the same period.
If the online loan has been refused, it is advisable to try again after at least thirty or forty days, ie the time necessary to eliminate the previous request (refused) from the databases. Otherwise, the new request will definitely be rejected again.

Another advice to apply for an online loan and to have a good chance of obtaining it is to choose, if necessary, the right guarantor, which possesses all the necessary features required by the bank or by the bank. First of all, it must have an impeccable credit history: never having been protested, having failed with previous loans or having suffered loan or loan losses from banks or financial institutions; secondly, it would be useful if it possessed goods or a useful asset.

Online loan types: fast online loan

The fast online loan is characterized by the extremely short time when the amount is paid from the moment the loan is granted: usually less than 48 hours. This is a non-finalized loan to cover unexpected expenses and is usually small, not more than 3,000 euros.

Fast online loans are completely managed via the web and are provided by both online banks and traditional banks that have decided to offer this service. The procedure is generally very simple: just connect to the website of the credit institution to which you want to apply for the loan and follow the instructions that are gradually given. As for the documentation, it is necessary to provide all the documents usually required to obtain an online loan, then a valid identity document and the attestation of a stable and continuous income, such as the paycheck or the coupon of the retirement. It is also necessary not to be registered on the lists of bad payers.

Once you have completed the online application and attached all the necessary documentation you can forward your request for a fast online loan, which will be evaluated by the bank very quickly; in case of a positive answer, the requested sum will be made available within 48 hours at the most.

In summary, the main advantages of a fast online loan are the convenience of carrying out the entire procedure from your municipality and, above all, the speed of response and possible payment of the loan. But there is also a downside: this type of financing, in fact, generally does not have a convenient rate of interest and should therefore be requested only if you need a loan very urgently.

Instant online loans, how to get them in 24 hours

The immediate online loans are a type of financing born a few years ago to cope with emergency situations by granting amounts generally not higher than 5,000 euros.
In these cases, the preliminary investigation phase of the practice is very rapid, especially if it is a finalized loan, which is the fastest loan term to be obtained. To request it you must present a valid identity document, tax code or health card valid and the copy of the last two paychecks or the last coupons of the pension.
In general, the response is obtained within a few hours, while the loan is paid within 24 hours.

Online loans without paychecks, how to apply for them

Online loans without paychecks, how to apply for them

Many lenders offer the ability to access an online loan without a paycheck. These are generally small loans that can be obtained quickly, about 24-48 hours after acceptance of the request. First, the status of the applicant’s payer is assessed; if it is not identified as a protestant or a bad payer, you can submit your fast online loan application without a paycheck. But it is necessary to provide guarantees, which can be:

  • a movable or immovable asset of at least equal value with respect to the amount paid out
  • a property on which to put a mortgage
  • a lease
  • a monthly credit on the current account deriving from a work activity
  • financial securities
  • a guarantor to take charge of the loan in case of insolvency of the principal debtor

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