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The beginning of the economic recovery has meant that many self-employed people have started their project, taking into account that during the first year, the most critical moment of the project, due to suffering situations Transitory of lack of liquidity, there is one that can be resorted to when applying for loans to private equity companies that have specialized in granting loans for SMEs and self-employed workers .

Loans for the Self-employed People

Loans for the Self-employed People

Every day, new entities emerge that grant loans to freelancers and small businesses, Spotcap highlighting the ease with which the request for the money is made, carried out online in three simple steps, followed by Spotcap will make a financing proposal. This company grants from 500 to 50,000 euros in 24 hours, which is undoubtedly a very attractive possibility for those professionals with a lack of liquidity. If at first they only financed SMEs and freelancers whose business lines were based on sales online, they currently finance, through credit lines, any self-employed project regardless of their sales channels. .

An alternative to get money, is to ask companies like Loanant and their money for the car , which both individuals and freelancers grant credit only by leaving your car in storage.

In Spain there are more than 3 million SMEs and freelancers who try to expand their business through the market that offers internet that in the last 5 years has grown its sales by 52%.

Economic growth depends on the activity and growth that occurs in SMEs and self-employed because these sectors bring together 48% of the active population, hence the sectors that should have greater support both public and private capital. The traditional financing channels are obsolete due to the slowness with which loan requests are processed, hence the new models of loans to freelancers that are emerging are monopolizing the credit market.

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