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Getting a small payday loan online has never been this easy

What is a private loan? Questions and answers

A small payday loan is, quite simply, a quick loan that you can be taken at There are many different types of loans that can be used for various purposes. One of the most popular loans is Hill’s private loan plus which, with their loan type private loan plus, has a large share of the Danish market. Here you can borrow without making security at a fixed interest rate. You can always see the annual debt rate, total credit amount and monthly benefit. So there will never be any doubt about the total credit cost of your loan. No one interferes with what you spend the money on. You can have the money within a short time with a private loan Hill Consumer Bank loan. Try Hill loan calculator on their website. You have the right to cancel your loan within the first 14 days. The cash loan agreement can be redeemed at any time.

What can a private low-interest rate loan be used for?

The short answer is: exactly what you want. However, you have to expect that there is a difference between what the money can be used for, depending on whether you buy the cheapest private loan cheaply. Either through a loan provider online or in a bank. As a rule, you have greater freedom in terms of what you want to spend the money on when you borrow money online. Examples of what a loan can be used for are travel, housing deposits, unforeseen expenses, gifts, electronics (computers, televisions, etc.), etc.

Private loans cheap

Private loans cheap

When you are a young student, it can be difficult to maintain a stable economy. There may be a number of reasons why everyone can put the student in a financially bad situation. For many young people, for example, keeping daily consumption down can be a great challenge. You may come directly from high school and have been used to living for free under the roof of his parents.

However, this changes as soon as you start paying rent. Here you do not have nearly as much money a month to spend on delicious food, clothes and city tours. They therefore quickly come to grips with the money. In this case, many choose to take one of the cheapest private loans. This is a quick, unsecured loan that can fluctuate between a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Therefore, this loan is ideal for supplementing the fluctuating consumption of daily life.

What does a private loan cost without security?

There can be a great deal of variation in private loan costs. Therefore, it is difficult to give a clear answer. However, it is quite an important question to ask yourself before taking out a loan without collateral. Typically, the price of one of the cheapest quick loans will be around 0-20% of the total loan size. Overall, however, the price of the loan depends largely on the size and duration of the amount. Borrow money at lower interest rates at Hill Private Loans

How to find the cheapest private loan?

How to find the cheapest private loan?

When you are interested in finding the cheapest private loan, it may be a good idea to compare cheap low-interest loans from different providers and banks over the web. Here it can be useful to examine the loan’s APR, as it can give a picture of the real price of the loan. Often it will not make the big difference if there is a difference of 5-10% in the loan’s APR when there is the less mobile loan of DKK 1,000 or so. If, on the other hand, there are loans of larger amounts, such as DKK 10,000 or more, even small differences in APR can have a major impact on the price of the loan.

Use a home loan low-interest rate loan when moving away from home.

It is also a good idea to take advantage of the cheapest private loans without security when moving home from home for the first time. As a tenant of a room in the big city one has to prepare to put a large sum of money aside for deposit and prepaid rent. Both parts typically correspond to three months’ rent each, and one can never be sure to get all the money back again. In addition, one has to get used to paying monthly rent, which is often quite high in the big cities. Here it is very normal for private loans to be sought, which can help at the start of the new life in the city. It is the very few young people who get paid their deposits solely with their own savings when the cost of moving away from home is so great.

Make the dream of exchange a reality with the help of a private loan online.

Many students dream of exchanging at some point during their studies. This urge to get away from the trivial every day typically comes when you are halfway through your education. Here one has become accustomed to the hard life as a student and needs to see new horizons. In this case, it may be a good idea to exchange, as you get new challenges in your everyday life, but at the same time keep your education going.

Cheap private mortgage rates in many stores

Cheap private mortgage rates in many stores

However, it can be really expensive to go on exchange, as you will typically have to pay for tuition fees. It is quite normal to have to pay for their own higher education abroad, which can cost many thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that you can always apply for cheap low-interest loans. It can cover the much-needed stay abroad. Ella’s private loans are also very popular, so you can withdraw your payments on clothes.

There are good opportunities to apply for scholarships and scholarships when you go on exchange. However, if you are lucky enough to receive a sum of money from a reimbursable fund, it will still not be enough to cover all the expenses that a longer trip abroad requires. Besides the tuition fee, it is not entirely abnormal also to have to pay for double rent or an expensive airline ticket. A loan can make sure you don’t have to worry about all those expenses that can ultimately put an end to the trip. It is much more important to be able to meet the exchange dream as soon as you need it, rather than worry about whether you can afford it. With a large or small private loan from a trustworthy and trusted company, the lack of capital is no longer an obstacle.

A private loan cheap interest rate can give you the well-deserved vacation.

As a student, there are many ways to take a break from the busy everyday life. Someone does it by lying in bed and watching movies or spending time with friends and family. Others work out everything they can about their part-time work while dreaming of sun and beach. However, it can be difficult to save the money that you want to spend on a long holiday. Therefore, it is very normal that you take a private loan Thomsen, which you specifically use to give yourself a well-deserved break from the study. It is easy to borrow the amount you want to travel if you just contact a skilled and professional company. For many young people, it is important to travel during the study period so that they do not become too exhausted to read and end up dropping out.

Private loans abroad

Most trips abroad will often run for thousands of dollars. Especially if you want to travel far away to an exotic country, the air ticket itself can easily end up costing a whole month’s rent. The same economic dilemma can arise if you are passionate about skiing and just want an annual skiing holiday. Here one does not necessarily have to go on a longer flight, but still ends up paying for the many expenses that arise when renting the skis. A simple quick loan privately can help get these holiday dreams within reach without having to neglect his studio in favor of working. There are no special personal loan rules, stick to the lowest APR, then you are well covered when you need to borrow.

A private loan low-interest rate loan opens up more opportunities in everyday life.

A private loan low-interest rate loan opens up more opportunities in everyday life.

As a young student one can encounter many unforeseen expenses in everyday life. It can be anything from dull window covers with dental calculations, too expensive books for the studio. It can, therefore, be difficult to get everyday life to be financially connected. When you do not have the big earnings. Many try to work alongside their study. But there is not much work to do before it goes beyond social life or the characters.

Therefore, it must be borne in mind that it is perfectly okay to take a private loan at low-interest rates that can help keep the economy connected. Many loans can be obtained with lower interest rates, so it won’t be a big problem to repay the money either. You can easily save the repayment until you have finished your education and have got a firm and well-paid work.
The banks are hard on private low-interest rate loans.

The existing competition between the lenders that operate through the internet is so fierce that some of them have offers of interest-free loans for new applicants, in order to make themselves known and thus attract new customers.

They are 100% free credits and where no interest rate or commission is applied since they only aim for the consumer to know how fast and easy it is to get an online loan, thus ensuring that when that person needs money again they will go back to they.

The interests only apply to them from the second and successive requests so if you have never asked for a loan, take advantage of this type of promotions, only having to return the same amount they gave you.

How can fast loans be applied for without interest?

How can fast loans be applied for without interest?

The process is very simple: You choose from the list that I have created the loan product that best suits your needs and click on the visit button.

Then, on the official website, follow the steps indicated, filling in information such as the amount of money you want and the time you want to return it.

As your first application and if the offer is still valid, you will see a virtual or similar calculator that tells you that the commissions are zero and that you only have to return the same amount of money that they have lent you.

Then fill in the form with your personal information and in some cases they will ask for economic data (to make sure that you are a reliable applicant and that you will not have problems to return the credit in the indicated time). In all this process you will only take 4 or 5 minutes.

Once they review the application they send you the money immediately, if you work with the same bank as them, the money will appear in your account instantly and if not, it could take between 24 and 48 hours according to the current bank regulations in Spain.

I know some people may find it complicated but in reality the lenders are guiding you step by step and it is quite simple. Even people with very little knowledge of the internet can make the request without any problem.

Due to bureaucratic issues, some companies may request you in scanned form documents such as your ID, copy of the first page of the bank card or copy of your payroll or receipt of regular income (you can take a photograph of these documents with your mobile and send them to them).

What are the non-interest credits that exist in the market?

What are the non-interest credits that exist in the market?

I have selected those financial entities that offer quick credits without interest, that is to say with a zero or almost zero cost (some entities set a symbolic cost of 5 euros ) for new clients.

The advice is that you do not fall into the temptation of asking for different credits at the same time because although you will not pay anything in interest, you have the obligation to return the amounts of money borrowed on the date indicated because in case of non-compliance of that obligation you will see yourself in a much worse economic situation than you had before ordering them.

What happens if I do not repay my first interest-free loan on time?

What happens if I do not repay my first interest-free loan on time?

The free fast loans that are achieved at zero cost are governed by the same regulations as others that have incorporated commissions or fees.

You have to return them in the time indicated (usually within a maximum period of 30 days) and if not, the lender will exercise the measures contemplated in the contract: Surcharge for delay in the return of principal and may even propose you to include yourself in a list of defaulters as Financial Credit Institutions.

Act in a responsible manner and do not request money on credit unless you have planned in advance that you will be able to return the money on the indicated date.

What are the requirements that require you to meet to request a 0% TAE credit?

What are the requirements that require you to meet to request a 0% TAE credit?

 The requirements that will ask you to approve a credit without being charged a single hard, are very basic and easily meet by all.

  • Reside legally in Spain
  • Have the DNI or NIF in force at the time of the request
  • Be of legal age (usually require over 21 years)
  • Some require justification of income as payroll, pension or unemployment

Do fast credits have no trick?

Do fast credits have no trick?

We must distinguish between online loans offered by companies such as hypocredit, Zaloan or any other of the ones listed in the previous list of those “promotions” of traditional banks in our cities where they offer loans at 0% interest but that do they have expenses or commissions for opening, so in reality it does have an economic cost.

Here really what we are talking about is that type of microcredits that can only be purchased online and with a desire to attract new customers, offer small loans, usually 200, 300 or 400 euros and with interest at 0% APR and thus attract new clients in order to retain them and be repeat clients with that financial entity.

The conclusion is that the granting of a quick loan does not have a trick because the return costs are € 0 with the warning that only applies when applying for the first loan, applying commissions to the successive minicréditos that are requested.

What can the money of an interest-free loan be used for?

What can the money of an interest-free loan be used for?

Traditional banking requires you to explain in a documented way what you are going to use the money on credit that you are requesting, instead the online miniprestramos collected in the comparison of this page DO NOT ask for any explanation or ask you what you are going to spend the money.

According to the studies I have carried out, this type of request is usually used to get out of an economic hurry, such as repairing an appliance, paying the dentist’s bill, buying glasses or repairing the car.

But as you can imagine, the reasons why they request this type of quick loans without interest are the most diverse: Pay for the summer holidays, face the Christmas expenses, make a gift for the father’s day, from the mother, etc.

Conclusions of the personal loans without commission

Conclusions of the personal loans without commission

They are credits of small amounts of euros.

✅ Only applies to the first fast credit that is requested.

✅ The term to return the loaned capital is 30 days.

✅ If necessary, it is the type of loan that I recommend.

Other products that can solve your problem:

  • Loans without presenting documentation
  • Online credits with immediate response
  • Quick credits without importing Financial Credit Institutions


Payday loans online   they have become an alternative very demanded by people who have to face the payment of an unforeseen event (a traffic ticket or reform in the house, for example) or cover not so urgent needs.

Next, we tell you the most interesting features of this type of loans.

The flexibility of payday loans online

The flexibility of payday loans online

The facilities that personal online loans give you have a lot to do with the application of new technologies. Keep in mind that you will need to receive the loan quickly, since you have to face a payment of which in record time.

Therefore, you will appreciate that you do not ask for excessive documentation about the guarantees and that, in any case, you can send it by email. Broadly speaking, you only have to fill out certain personal and banking information and confirm that you have a regular source of income.

The sophisticated computer system that receives this information is qualified to approve your payday loan application and will send you a confirmation.

It is, as you can see, a procedure that saves you from leaving the house and holding tails in the banks. It is agile and gives you comfort and comfort. Once your loan is approved, it will arrive in a quarter of an hour to your current account and you will already have the money for your expenses.

What requirements do you have to meet to access payday loans online?

What requirements do you have to meet to access payday loans online?

  • Age between 18 and 65 years
  • Bank account in which the loan will be paid
  • Debit or credit card to be able to collect the repayment of said loan
  • Active mobile phone to receive SMS and calls
  • Not having breached a previous loan, being bankrupt or having an open application.

What conditions do these payday loans have online?

What conditions do these <a href=payday loans have online?” />

You should know that these payday loans have very flexible conditions. They are granted for a specific term. Basically, between one and six weeks and for amounts that can range between 300 and 800 euros. You also have the possibility of extending the credit grant if you pay the first installment interest.

In any case, you must bear in mind that you should only ask for loans of this type when you are sure that you will be able to return the money. On the other hand, the transparency and simplicity of the fees of these financial products stand out. Pay 1% per day, in addition to the amount and time requested, characterize this option that is already in the market for payday loans online.

In short, before the most cumbersome procedures and the most severe guarantees required by traditional banks, you have the option of using personal online loans, which are better adapted to your urgent economic needs.

The Private Credit (protection association for general credit protection) stores information on current accounts, loan agreements, installment purchases, mobile phone contracts, real estate loans, credit inquiries and much more for every citizen living in Germany. These entries are initially not negative. Negative notes in the Private Credit take place only if the person concerned was in financial difficulties. That inevitably brings with it problems.

Car loan despite Private Credit entry

Car loan despite Private Credit entry

There are no problems with a car loan despite Private Credit entry, if these entries are not negative. That there is already a loan or a mobile phone contract, is no reason to reject. But not everyone has only neutral notes registered in the Private Credit. If there are difficulties with the repayment, this is saved as a negative note in the Private Credit. Now the point has come where most banks reject a loan.

Credit from abroad

Credit from abroad

Nevertheless, in order to fulfill the desire for a car, those affected can apply for a loan from abroad. Foreign banks do not ask Private Credit. Such a loan is only approved if the applicant has a permanent employment. Without a job or a self-employed activity, you can save on the request, because only who pursues a non-self-employed activity, has a good chance for a loan.

Despite a negative Private Credit entry received a loan

Despite a negative Private Credit entry received a loan

In Germany there are financial service providers specializing in loans for people who have problems with their Private Credit entries. But serious entries should not be. With an affidavit or seizure, these too can not do anything. But if the case turns out to be harmless, such as a late-paid bill, then these intermediaries can do something about it. The borrower should be aware, however, that he has to pay for a car loan despite Private Credit entry more interest than a installment loan with neutral Private Credit entries.

Loans to protesters and bad payers with permanent contracts are a possible financing solution for those who have had negative reports due to previous financial problems, since the certainty of the pay slip allows workers in both the public and private sectors to contact to credit institutions and financial companies to request the transfer of the fifth, the type of loan that is usually granted more easily to those who have had problems with the balance of the installments of a loan, with bills or bank and postal checks issued without coverage. In this guide we will see how to apply for loans for protesters and bad payers with permanent contracts in the form of salary assignment, delegation of payment and debt consolidation.

Loans with payroll indefinitely: what solutions?

Loans with payroll indefinitely: what solutions?

For those who are in the condition of being protested or a bad payer with a permanent contract, a loan can be disbursed by deducting the amount of the monthly payment directly on the pay slip: under this formula can therefore request

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • debt consolidation

The preferred type of loan, which also applies to the other loans described above, is the transfer of one fifth of the salary, which allows obtaining a sum of money that is also significant despite having negative notifications for previous financial problems: the pay envelope and accrued severance indemnity represent sufficient guarantees for the bank so that those who have a permanent contract can obtain capital without any particular problems.

Cession of the fifth for protesters and bad payers, how it works

Cession of the fifth for protesters and bad payers, how it works

Applying for loans to protesters and bad payers with permanent contracts based on a salary assignment does not entail large variations in the request and in the functioning mechanism with respect to the submission of a request by a worker without negative reports: once the described documentation is presented in the next chapter, the same credit institution and financial company will advise the employer of the transfer. The differences that could be found in a cession of the fifth for protesters and bad payers can be essentially two, that is on the one hand the capital granted by the bank could be lower than what is required, especially if we are talking about large amounts, to meet the policies against insolvency risk dictated by the institution. But the most marked difference concerns the insurance policy against loss of employment and early death, which is usually presented as optional in an employee of the public and private sector, but very often the financial company instead places the obligation of underwriting for protesters and villains payers, before giving the green light to the financing.

The documentation to be presented

We now come to the documentation to be presented to request the transfer of the fifth as a loan for bad payers and protested with a permanent contract, which provides:

  • Copy of identity card
  • Health card or tax code
  • Last two paychecks
  • Salary certificate containing the date of employment
  • Annual and monthly remuneration, both gross and net
  • Amount relating to accrued TFR
  • Any deductions already present in the pay slip

As we have already mentioned, the salary assignment is protected by the duration of the contract and by the TFR since that time accrued, so that public and private employees who request the loan must not present any guarantor or other forms of collateral, even if protested or bad payers. In addition to the documentation described above, the applicant must also sign a delegation that officially authorizes the employer to withhold the monthly installment from the salary that cannot exceed 20 per cent of the total, in fact a fifth: we also remember that the employer cannot oppose the sale of the fifth, but he was only informed of the transfer following the signing of the loan agreement between the bank or financial company and his employee.

The advantages of the sale of the fifth

In addition to being able to be disbursed to protesters and bad payers, there are several advantages of the salary assignment that make this type of personal loan the most practical and convenient financing formula for an employee who has a permanent contract, even in his most recent formulation of progressive protections introduced by the Italian government with the Jobs Act. The peculiar characteristics of the sale of the fifth are:

  • Possibility to request even large amounts
  • Amortization period between 24 and 120 months
  • Fixed interest rate for all depreciation
  • No guarantor required
  • No proof of expenditure
  • Possibility of obtaining a capital advance
  • Disbursement that can be assessed positively also with other ongoing loans
  • Possibility to renew the sale already in progress beyond a certain period of time
  • Insurance coverage against life and employment risks

There are various types of permanent contracts: the part-time contract (“part time”) has predominantly spread over the past few years, which inevitably introduces critical issues in the mere disbursement of the loan with the sale of the fifth. Let’s see in detail what it entails.

Loan with part-time permanent contract

The financing opportunities provided may vary depending on the financial target, but for a loan with an indefinite part-time work contract general considerations can be made that help to understand how to move to obtain even in such situations p remained protested and bad payers with the sale of the fifth. First of all it is suggested to lower the claims and start asking for amounts that are not too high, then it is good to evaluate what kind of part time is taking place: in fact it exists a horizontal part time that allows you to work every day for half a week, and a vertical part time, so you work only on certain days of the week or periods of the month. This involves different assessments by the credit institution or financial company: in the first case, receiving an income every month of the year, it is possible to obtain a salary-backed loan or a debt consolidation, as we said at figures that are not too high. On the other hand, the situation is complicated with vertical part time, since it is not possible to guarantee a sustainable income for the entire period of amortization: in such cases the solution may be to use a guarantor, but it must be clarified that it is not easy in these situations obtain a loan, if not in the form of a loan with bills of exchange.

Loans to protesters with payroll: what minimum amount should they have?

Loans to protesters with payroll: what minimum amount should they have?

Another issue to consider in obtaining loans for protesters and bad payers with permanent contracts is the amount of the pay slip, which must be substantial enough to allow the sustainability of the amortization. In the eyes of a credit institution it is necessary to start from a minimum salary net of the transferable fee, which is usually around a figure of 600 euros per month. Below this threshold access to credit through the sale of the fifth is particularly complicated.

Financing for new hires  

Financing for new hires  

Another complicated situation appears to be that of protesters and newly hired bad payers, who cannot make any accrued severance pay available since they have only recently been employed. In this case it is not easy to obtain a loan, having besides the financial inconveniences reported to the end-to-end knowledge company or in the other computer registers, and it is possible that the financial company, before accepting a loan application, requires additional protections and the signature of a guarantor third before proceeding to the signing of the contract and the disbursement of the capital, as well as placing the insurance policy as an additional coverage in the event of serious impediments that could affect depreciation.

The renewal of the fifth sale

If you have obtained a loan for bad payer or protested with a permanent contract, it is very easy to obtain also the renewal of the fifth sale, which basically involves a redefinition of the terms of the loan in progress once certain time steps in the repayment of the capital have been overcome obtained: thanks to the renewal it is possible obtain new liquidity extending the amortization plan, without these changes changing the amount of the installment. To carry out the refinancing application, at least 40% of the previously stipulated amortization plan must have elapsed, except for loans with a duration of 60 months or less, but in this case only if the new amortization plan will have the maximum expected duration, or 10 years (120 monthly payments).

Payment delegation for protesters and bad payers?

Payment delegation for protesters and bad payers?

Depending on the type of problem that is at the base of the negative report, it is possible for an employee to get or not even a loan with delegated payment, otherwise known as double fifth of the salary, since in this case we are dealing with a double retention on perceived emoluments. It seems evident that it is necessary to have a salary of a certain consistency to withstand a double deduction, on the other hand giving the possibility of obtaining very high amounts: precisely for this reason the delegation of payment as opposed to the assignment of the fifth requires the authorization of the employer, who is not at all obliged to grant the double deduction on the salary, therefore it is also necessary to consider a possible refusal, especially for a protested or bad payer, for which those who have suffered protests or have not paid the installments of an old loan would do well to inquire first with their company about the opportunity to obtain a delegation of payment, and then contact a financial institution that can grant it although reported in the computer archives in negative way.

Debt consolidation with the sale of the fifth

The last financing opportunity that we want to consider by means of repayment with salary-backed loans is debt consolidation, which for a protestor or bad payer can only be paid through this formula, and not also through bulletins as is the case for an applicant without reports. What is it? Basically it allows those who have more funding to go to the institute and to consolidate all debts in a single repayment installment with a lower amount and at a more sustainable interest rate, extending the time to repay the capital, and at the same time obtaining additional liquidity in addition.



We have seen how loans to protesters and bad payers with permanent contracts are provided with a certain ease, relying on the certainty of a sustainable income through which to obtain a capital to be repaid through the sale of the fifth, unlike loans without payroll. Of course, there is a need to have an accrued severance pay at least a little substantial, and therefore not to be hired as soon as possible, in order to be certain of a rapid disbursement without having to resort to further guarantees, or other situations that could affect the contract as a net amount that is too low or a reduced part-time contract. However, especially if an amount of money is not demanded as too high, it is possible to obtain financing from protesters and bad payers with relative ease despite the negative reports for the mistakes obtained in the recent past.

The online loans sector does not seem to be experiencing a crisis: as early as the end of 2014, Italian households approach to personal loans began to change, focusing increasingly on companies that operate mainly online rather than credit institutions. traditional.

The reasons for this success are many, first of all the speed of the response to the user, who in most cases receives a personalized quote very quickly and comfortably in their mailbox. Moreover, obtaining an online loan is generally easier and faster than through traditional channels, even if the usual checks on the financial situation of the applicant are carried out to try to minimize the risk of insolvency.

What do you usually ask for an online loan? There are many reasons for this, but it has been seen that Italian families tend to apply for a telematic loan to cope with the need to renovate the house or to buy or renovate furniture, to buy a new car, to consolidate debts. already existing or due to the need for liquidity.

How to apply for an online loan

Requesting an online loan does not involve a complicated procedure. To get a tailor-made estimate first and then apply for a loan, simply connect to the websites of the main financial institutions and submit your request.

Once you have decided to apply for a loan online, it is very often possible to follow the progress of your practice through your PC. If the loan application is accepted, the applicant will simply have to send his / her documents by mail, usually a document of identity, the tax code and a document attesting his income, then paycheck, pension slip or CUD.

Choice of online loan, what to evaluate

To assess whether an online loan is convenient and suitable for your needs, there are some parameters to be taken into consideration, which are more or less the same that should also be taken into account for traditional loans.

First, it is almost useless to say, the amount disbursed, the duration of the loan, and therefore the number of monthly installments required to repay the sum disbursed, and the amount of the installments, which must be sustainable based on your income.

Other elements that play an important role in choosing the most suitable online loan are the Tan, or the Nominal Annual Rate, which indicates the annual interest applied to a loan, and the Taeg.

The latter instead indicates the Global Effective Annual Rate, or the total cost of the loan, including both the ancillary costs and the costs of the preliminary investigation. However, we must not neglect to inquire about any additional expenses that are not included in the calculation of the Taeg, such as notary fees, taxes or state stamps.
Finally, it is good to read well all the clauses concerning possible additional insurance to be stipulated for greater protection of the lender, the possibility of early repayment of the loan and the need to ensure the presence of a guarantor that responds in case of insolvency of the applicant.

Errors not to be made when requesting an online loan

Although the procedure for applying for an online loan is generally faster than that required for a traditional loan, this does not mean that it is easier to obtain it.
In addition to the characteristics of the applicant, which are in any case carefully examined, there are some errors in the request for the loan that may jeopardize the success of the operation and therefore the granting of the loan.

The first mistake not to make when requesting an online loan, although perhaps it is superfluous to say, is to no longer require loans at the same time different financial: often these are connected to the same databases and will immediately realize that more requests have been forwarded and several institutions in the same period.
If the online loan has been refused, it is advisable to try again after at least thirty or forty days, ie the time necessary to eliminate the previous request (refused) from the databases. Otherwise, the new request will definitely be rejected again.

Another advice to apply for an online loan and to have a good chance of obtaining it is to choose, if necessary, the right guarantor, which possesses all the necessary features required by the bank or by the bank. First of all, it must have an impeccable credit history: never having been protested, having failed with previous loans or having suffered loan or loan losses from banks or financial institutions; secondly, it would be useful if it possessed goods or a useful asset.

Online loan types: fast online loan

The fast online loan is characterized by the extremely short time when the amount is paid from the moment the loan is granted: usually less than 48 hours. This is a non-finalized loan to cover unexpected expenses and is usually small, not more than 3,000 euros.

Fast online loans are completely managed via the web and are provided by both online banks and traditional banks that have decided to offer this service. The procedure is generally very simple: just connect to the website of the credit institution to which you want to apply for the loan and follow the instructions that are gradually given. As for the documentation, it is necessary to provide all the documents usually required to obtain an online loan, then a valid identity document and the attestation of a stable and continuous income, such as the paycheck or the coupon of the retirement. It is also necessary not to be registered on the lists of bad payers.

Once you have completed the online application and attached all the necessary documentation you can forward your request for a fast online loan, which will be evaluated by the bank very quickly; in case of a positive answer, the requested sum will be made available within 48 hours at the most.

In summary, the main advantages of a fast online loan are the convenience of carrying out the entire procedure from your municipality and, above all, the speed of response and possible payment of the loan. But there is also a downside: this type of financing, in fact, generally does not have a convenient rate of interest and should therefore be requested only if you need a loan very urgently.

Instant online loans, how to get them in 24 hours

The immediate online loans are a type of financing born a few years ago to cope with emergency situations by granting amounts generally not higher than 5,000 euros.
In these cases, the preliminary investigation phase of the practice is very rapid, especially if it is a finalized loan, which is the fastest loan term to be obtained. To request it you must present a valid identity document, tax code or health card valid and the copy of the last two paychecks or the last coupons of the pension.
In general, the response is obtained within a few hours, while the loan is paid within 24 hours.

Online loans without paychecks, how to apply for them

Online loans without paychecks, how to apply for them

Many lenders offer the ability to access an online loan without a paycheck. These are generally small loans that can be obtained quickly, about 24-48 hours after acceptance of the request. First, the status of the applicant’s payer is assessed; if it is not identified as a protestant or a bad payer, you can submit your fast online loan application without a paycheck. But it is necessary to provide guarantees, which can be:

  • a movable or immovable asset of at least equal value with respect to the amount paid out
  • a property on which to put a mortgage
  • a lease
  • a monthly credit on the current account deriving from a work activity
  • financial securities
  • a guarantor to take charge of the loan in case of insolvency of the principal debtor

Quickly to make money through a payday loan

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If you have a financial shortage and need money at very short notice, you should think about a payday loan. The employees of the respective financial institution decide very quickly whether this is granted and then the money is available to you accordingly fast. If this is the case, you will immediately receive the payday loan .


What exactly is a payday loan and how can it be obtained?

A payday loan is a small and readily available loan. The repayment period is relatively short and the application is usually less bureaucratic than other bonds. In addition, in the short or lightning loan, as it is often mentioned, the Schufa is not respected.

Nevertheless, some conditions have to be met to get between 100 and 12,000 euros. For example, the borrower must live in Germany and have an account there. In addition, he should regularly earn at least 600 euros per month and be already 18 years old. If there is a warrant against him, the mini-loan is usually not approved. The same applies in the event that his wage is impounded or he has reported insolvent.

When is the payday loan worthwhile?

A payday loan is worthwhile only if you have to bridge a shortage of payments at short notice. In addition, you should be able to repay it in whole or at least a large part in a short time. If this is not the case and you want a longer repayment period, you may want to consider another form of credit. With a normal loan , you usually have to pay substantial interest. However, since the loan amount for a payday loan is relatively small, these additional payments are also lower. For very small amounts of less than € 1,000, you hardly have to pay interest. However, there are often some additional offers in question, which can cause additional costs, such as:

  1. payment by installments

If you can not settle the loan at once, you can extend the repayment period with most providers, or pay off the loan amount in installments. Normally they have to pay the full amount after 30 days at the latest. In general, you have the option to extend this period. For some lenders, additional fees apply for installment payments.

  1. Express Edit / Flash Transfer

As a rule, you have the payday loan in your account after two to ten days. However, if you need the money faster, you can request express delivery for a fee. These will help you to process your application faster and make a quicker decision as to whether the loan will be approved or not.

  1. credit check

As already mentioned, a payday loan usually does not look like the applicant has a Schufa entry. For this, the credit institutions can make a so-called credit rating, through which you receive a credit rating. This will increase your chances of getting a loan. However, there are additional costs for this service. As a rule, you have to expect up to ten percent of the respective loan amount. Of course, if your application is rejected, you do not have to pay this fee. For some providers, the credit rating is free.

How is the payday loan different from a small loan?

The mini credit can quickly with a conventional small loan to be confused. Because there are quite a few similarities between the two forms, such as:

  • Even with the small loan, the sum is low (500 euros to 2,000 euros)
  • Both loans can be settled in a short period of time
  • Installment is possible
  • Both types can be applied for at the house bank

GladlyCredit is an online finance company that offers its credit products and Quick loans on the Internet through its website. The maximum amount that can be requested is 3,000 Euros and the processing is as simple as the Rapid Loans if payroll or endorsement. The advantage of GladlyCredit is that you can ask for the money as Line of Credit, that is, you only pay for what is available unlike the loan that pays interest even if you do not spend all the money at once.

How to Apply for Rapid Loans in Dotcredits:

How to Apply for Rapid Loans in Hapcredits:

The procedures to request money in GladlyCredit are very simple, they are done quickly, all online and without documents and without too many questions:

Access the online form on their website

First select the amount you need and the term in which you will return the maximum money 36 months. Enter your personal data name, surnames, NIF and address, below your economic data where you work. how much you earn per month or how much you receive for other concepts, unemployment pension, etc.

Confirmation of credit application data

Check all the inserted data if they are correct including if you have left your mobile phone number and email very useful to receive communications. If everything is ok, confirm the request and in a few minutes they send you an SMS message or an email informing you of the decision and if it has been approved. If the answer is positive, enter the web and confirm again.

Quick money collection immediately in GladlyCredit

After confirming the credit and answering the Message, you will have the money in your account in an approximate time of 15 minutes. In order to have that money available instantly, your bank must coincide with the entity that GladlyCredit works because otherwise, the money would arrive the next day or 48 hours.

Advantages of the Line of Credit in GladlyCredit

Advantages of the Line of Credit in GladlyCredit

The minimum amount to request in GladlyCredit is 100 euros and the maximum of 3,000 euros and the advantage is that they work as a credit account or line of credit, that is, the financial authorizes you up to a maximum limit of money that can be arranged to measure their needs and therefore pay interest only for what is owed and not for what is authorized and thus saves many interests.

Once you have disposed of all or part of the amount of the credit, you can re-enter or replenish to later withdraw money and so on as if it were your checking or savings account and always pay for the balance you owe.

In GladlyCredit at all times informs you of what you have taken and what you have entered with the available balance and can be informed at any time by entering your website online and therefore can do all kinds of operations at any time and on any day of the week.

Personal loans in GladlyCredit

Personal loans in GladlyCredit

As well. You can ask for the money in GladlyCredit with the traditional form of personal loan to return the money every month in equal installments. In this case, the amount is the same between 100 and 3,000 euros and the return period of 24 months.

The way to request the Loan in GladlyCredit is the same as in the case of the Line of Credit accessing the web and submitting the application online. The loan money is immediately deformed so it is a good way to get fast money without papers and without questions. The difference is that you have to select a term to return based on the fee or bill you can pay each month.

Requirements to request money in GladlyCredit

Requirements to request money in GladlyCredit

The conditions that must be fulfilled in order for you to be granted credits and quick loans without endorsement in a loan are the following:

  • To be of legal age and to be resident in Spain by signing it with the DNI or Resident Card.
  • Open a checking account or savings account in a bank or savings bank.
  • Have an operational mobile phone and an email.
  • Have periodic income for payroll, pension, unemployment, rents, etc.

GladlyCredit already warns that it does not grant Credits and Loans with Asnef. Therefore if you are on a list of defaulters do not bother asking.

Opinions about GladlyCredit and contact telephone

Opinions about GladlyCredit and contact telephone

GladlyCredit has started its activity in Spain so we still do not find many opinions about GladlyCredit on the internet. If you have already had some experience or have requested a loan, you can leave us your experience or opinions on how GladlyCredit works, if they are legal and how expensive they are. 

The beginning of the economic recovery has meant that many self-employed people have started their project, taking into account that during the first year, the most critical moment of the project, due to suffering situations Transitory of lack of liquidity, there is one that can be resorted to when applying for loans to private equity companies that have specialized in granting loans for SMEs and self-employed workers .

Loans for the Self-employed People

Loans for the Self-employed People

Every day, new entities emerge that grant loans to freelancers and small businesses, Spotcap highlighting the ease with which the request for the money is made, carried out online in three simple steps, followed by Spotcap will make a financing proposal. This company grants from 500 to 50,000 euros in 24 hours, which is undoubtedly a very attractive possibility for those professionals with a lack of liquidity. If at first they only financed SMEs and freelancers whose business lines were based on sales online, they currently finance, through credit lines, any self-employed project regardless of their sales channels. .

An alternative to get money, is to ask companies like Loanant and their money for the car , which both individuals and freelancers grant credit only by leaving your car in storage.

In Spain there are more than 3 million SMEs and freelancers who try to expand their business through the market that offers internet that in the last 5 years has grown its sales by 52%.

Economic growth depends on the activity and growth that occurs in SMEs and self-employed because these sectors bring together 48% of the active population, hence the sectors that should have greater support both public and private capital. The traditional financing channels are obsolete due to the slowness with which loan requests are processed, hence the new models of loans to freelancers that are emerging are monopolizing the credit market.